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        Cairo Poultry Processing Company (Koki)

        Esablished in 1992, the Cairo Poultry Processing Company (CPPC) has rapidly grown into one of the Middle East’s leading suppliers of healthy, hygienic and nutritious poultry products, offered through its internationally recognized Koki chicken brand.  Koki is an established name in the poultry industry in Egypt and abroad, and the Koki brand product range includes Frozen Whole Chickens, Frozen Chicken Parts, as well as Value Added processed chicken products ready to be eaten within minutes. As part of its ongoing efforts to meet customer needs and provide tasty,nutritious and healthy options, Koki has recently launched a Fresh Chicken range.

        All products are ISO 9001 compliant, and are slaughtered and prepared in accordance with IslamicSharia (HALAL). 

          The Cairo Poultry Processing Company (CPPC) is an internationally approved supplierfor the retail, institutional, and restaurant sectors in Egypt and the Middle East. The company offers maximum flexibility to its clients by providing them with a wide range of chicken products in different sizes and varieties.  
         CPPC is proud to be a supplier for the following international restaurant chains in Egypt, many of whom fall under theumbrella of the Americana group of companies .

         Our Brands


        Frozen Raw

        Chicken Fillet 700grm

        Chicken Legs 1 Kg

        Liver and Gizzard 500 grm

        Liver and Gizzard 1 KG

        Whole chicken

        Fresh Raw

        Chicken Breasts

        Chicken Drumsticks

        Chicken Fillet

        Chicken Legs

        Chicken Shish Tawook

        Chicken Thighs

        Whole Chicken

        Value Added Original

        Fried Chicken Meal

        Hot Fried Chicken Meal

        Grilled Chicken Meal

        Chicken Breast Meal

        Chicken Drum& Thigh Meal

        Chicken Wings

        Hot Chicken Wings

        Chicken Drumsticks

        Hot Chicken Drumsticks

        Crispy Chicken Pane

        Hot& Crispy Chicken Pane

        Chicken Nuggets

        Crunchy Chicken Pane

        Hot Crunchy Chicken Pane

        Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

        Crispy Fillet

        Hot Crispy Fillet

        Grilled Chicken Steak

        Oriental Chicken Kofta

        Chicken Shawerma

        Fun Box Chicken Fingers

        Fun Box Nuggets

        Fun Box Chicken Pop Corn

        Crunchy Jumbo Fried

        Fried Homestyle Jumbo

        Koki Premium

        Tasty Mix

        Veggie Mix


        Premium Beef


        Breaded Beef Kofta

        Pure Beef Burger


        Hot Dog Rolls

        Pure Beef Shawerma

        Beef Hot Dog





        BeefHot Dog




        Plain Luncheon

        Black Pepper Luncheon

        Green Olive Luncheon

        Beef Luncheon



        Chicken Grilled Steak

        Chicken Shawerma

        Chicken Escalope Pane

        Chicken Fingers

        Chicken Wings

        Hot Chicken Wings

        Chicken Grilled Tenderloin

        Buffalo Wings

        Hot Chicken Drum Stick

        Chicken Tenderloin

        Chicken Drum Stick

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