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Dear friends,

We are a healthcare product manufacturer based in eastern India, the state of Odisha, we have interesting in manufacturing of Glucose D, ORS, Ellectrols, Protein powders, Nutritional supplements and tonics. 

We have installed state of the art tech...

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Sugars, pure (excl. glucose, etc); sugar ethers and salts, etc, Bangladesh,Nepal,Thailand, Indonesia,Vitenam]
[Trade Point:Mumbai ]-[Country:India India]
[Company Name: Salubrity & Pabulum Healthcare. Email: Tel: 91-671-2490377 Level: GTDS ]


[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Carboxylic acids with oxygen function, etc, their...derivatives, Worldwide]
[Trade Point:Mumbai ]-[Country:India India]
[Company Name: Rishabh Metals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. . Email: . Tel: 91-22-40370000 Level: GTDS ]
Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide
ETO Six Months

 Kimiya Afrooz co. (KAC) is one of the memebers of Kimiya holding in Iran.
This holding consists of 5 subsideries with more than 30 years experience in Research, producing and exporting chemical products from Iran.

we are one of famous exporter of chemical stuff in Ira...

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Organic chemicals,]
[Trade Point:Tehran ]-[Country:Iran Iran]
[Company Name: Kimiya Afrooz. Email: Tel: 0098-21-88942472 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
ETO Six Months

 Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 290545)
We would like to offer: glycerine. Consist of: 1. natural glycerine which directly process from CPO (crude palm oil). Natural glycerine have content minimum 99.5% glycerol and have Kosher certificate as being USP (US Pharmacopoeia) grade. Few typical prope...

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated... or nitrosated derivatives, Global]
[Trade Point:Shanghai]-[Country:Indonesia Indonesia]
[Company Name: CV. Starindo Gemilang. Email: Tel: 62-81-23004657 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
ETO Six Months

BETEK Company was established in 1988. construction And its name was chosen to integrate the first sections of two words in Turkish. “Beton” and it means the concrete, and “Teknoloji” and it means technology. In the first years of joining this industry, BETEK has developed...

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other organic compounds, world]
[Trade Point:Sixth of October]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: BETEK Company. Email: Tel: +2-02-38334302 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
ETO Six Months
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other organic compounds, world wide]
[Trade Point:Alexandria ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Alexandria International Trade Point. Email: Tel: 002-03-4957587 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
Home care
ETO Six Months


Officially established in 2002, ADCO traces its roots to ABCO United (Plastics and Chemicals).
ETO Six Months
Home care - Description:


Officially established in 2002, ADCO traces its roots to ABCO United (Plastics and Chemicals).
[Target Market:all world]-[Start Date:0021-10-05 - Expired Date:0021-10-06 ]
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Organic chemicals, all world]
[Trade Point:Cairo ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Egyptian International Trade Point. Email: Tel: 002-02-23420932 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
Agarose for electrophoresis
ETO Six Months

 Agarose Low EEO, High quality agarose, Ultra pure and gel strength is higher than 1500g/cm2


ETO Six Months
Agarose for electrophoresis - Description:

 Agarose Low EEO, High quality agarose, Ultra pure and gel strength is higher than 1500g/cm2


[Target Market:worldwide]-[Start Date: - Expired Date:]
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other organic compounds, worldwide]
[Trade Point:headquarters]-[Country:South Korea South Korea]
[Company Name: E&S Inc.. Email: Tel: +82-70-77228632 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
ETO Six Months


Dear Sir,
We are El De...
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Organic chemicals, African countries]
[Trade Point:Mansoura ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: El Delta Factory For Fertilizers And Chemicals CO. Email: Tel: 020-050-2306711 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
Woven Sacks
ETO Six Months


Dear Sir,
One of our clients,Egyptian International For Feed & Packages Industry - Alfa Star, which deals in producing of " Woven Sacks" with high quality and competitive price.please contact us for more details.
We are waiting your reply.  

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Quaternary ammonium salts, etc; lecithins and other phosphoaminolipids, All countries]
[Trade Point:Behira]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Behira International Trade Point (B.I.T.P). Email: Tel: 0020-45-3337218 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
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