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Consulting engineering
ETO Six Months


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ETO Six Months
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About us
[Target Market:all world ]-[Start Date:0018-10-05 - Expired Date:0018-10-06 ]
[Type:Buy]-[Categories: Preparations of meat, fish or crustaceans ..., all world ]
[Trade Point:Cairo ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Egyptian International Trade Point. Email: Tel: 002-02-23420932 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
 badr food industries S.A.E
ETO Six Months

(smoked salmon) and we have the pleasure to export this product all over the world . for ...

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Extracts and juices of meat, fish and aquatic invertebrates, smoked salmon]
[Trade Point:Badr ]-[Country:Afghanistan Afghanistan]
[Company Name: Polyee Plast . Email: Tel: 002-02-28618222 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
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