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Gypsum, Anhydrite
ETO Six Months
Export Goods:
Gypsum, Anhydrite
Company Name advaned building industries ( egypt)
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other base metal; cerments; articles thereof, world wide]
[Trade Point:Alexandria ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Alexandria International Trade Point. Email: Tel: 002-03-4957587 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
VGT turbocharger
ETO Six Months
We provide all brands of turbochager, like:
Opel turbocharger
Perkins turbocharger 
Rajay turbocharger
RC turbocharger
Renault turbo  
RHB31 turbocharger
Rotomaster turbocharger 
Saab ...
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Cadmium and articles thereof (incl. waste and scrap), worldwide]
[Trade Point:Shanghai]-[Country:China China]
[Company Name: A&S turbochargers Co, Ltd. Email: Tel: 86-28-67167770 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
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