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Waste Incinerator


[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other slag and ash, including seaweed ash (kelp), Worldwide]
[Trade Point:Ankara]-[Country:Turkey Turkey]
[Company Name: Santes Incinerator . Email: . Tel: 90-312-3956463 Level: GTDS ]
non-alloy pig iron containing by weight more than 0.5% of phosphorous
ETO Six Months
Export Goods:
non-alloy pig iron containing by weight more than 0.5% of phosphorous
Company Name el- forkan group for trading & distribiuting
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Ores, Slag and ash, world wide]
[Trade Point:Alexandria ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Alexandria International Trade Point. Email: Tel: 002-03-4957587 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
calcium phosphate
ETO Six Months

[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Chromium ores and concentrates, all the world]
[Trade Point:Monofeya ]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Monofeya TradePoint. Email: Tel: 002-048-2590370 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
Tack Coat (Emulsion)
ETO Six Months
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Niobium, tantalum, vanadium or zirconium ores and concentrates, WORLDWIDE]
[Trade Point:Kuwait]-[Country:Kuwait Kuwait]
[Company Name: Kuwait Asphalt Co.. Email: Tel: 00965-2-3981173 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
ETO Six Months
El Foad For Food Industry is a 
manufacturer of Basckuit - candy, So if you are still interested in this 
business send us a mail included all the details you would 
require and we are going to send you all the catalogs, 
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other ores and concentrates, Bascuit]
[Trade Point:El fayoum]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Fayoum International Trade Point . Email: . Tel: 2-084-2169106 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
Sand (Hesham)
ETO Six Months


ETO Six Months
Sand (Hesham) - Description:


[Target Market:world wide]-[Start Date: - Expired Date:]
[Type:Sell]-[Categories: Other ores and concentrates, world wide]
[Trade Point:Arish]-[Country:Egypt Egypt]
[Company Name: Arish Trade Point. Email: Tel: 20-68-3358952 Level: ETO-Six Months ]
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