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Address:Canal Cotoca 4to Anillo al lado de Vicor- Parque Industrial Santa Cruz de la Sierra( 2908)
Batebol Ltda. manufacturer of batteries TOYO, was born in 1987, with the purpose of covering the existing demand in our vehicle park. Batebol Ltda. was pioneering, in the country, the introduction of innovating technological processes for the manufacture of batteries Dry - Loaded, constituting at the present time as the only one makes of batteries of the country. Nowadays it makes automotivas batteries and batteries for solar paddles. Being its annual production of 150,000 batteries per year, of which a 40% are destined for the export. The main mark of Batebol Ltda. is TOYO, although it is in the market diverse marks that the company makes. It produces batteries for the climate use diverse of the country and the outside. The manufacture process allows to obtain a product of world-wide quality, of competitive, resistant price to the ways of the country and low maintenance.
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    Export & Inport
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    Electric accumulators (incl. separators therefor)
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    Canal Cotoca 4to Anillo al lado de Vicor- Parque Industrial Santa Cruz de la Sierra(2908)
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    591-33- 3462406